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Peaceful Transformations, LLC - Mediation for divorce, child custody and related issues
Genie Serrano, B.A., J.D.,C.HT., FAMILY MEDIATOR
I have served the public for over 20 years in the legal field, focusing on negotiation and settlement of civil and family matters, primarily in divorce, custody and asset/debt division. I am currently on the Family Court's list of Outsource Mediators, a member of and vice-president of MOSNV (Mediators of Southern Nevada).   I have obtained a B.A. in Psychology, Professional Mediation training and experience, certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Juris Doctor degree, all of which contribute to understanding and working with the dynamics of family related issues. My mission is to promote an amicable and smooth transition from a failing marriage to a peaceful, agreeable living arrangement or at least, a divorce that protects not only the best interests of both parties, but the children who will be most affected, as well. 
Professionally trained Mediators help solve problems and place more emphasis on the well-being of family members than on the adversarial "rights" of the parties. Mediation provides a neutral environment where parties can discuss alternatives and find solutions that work for them. This enables couples to enjoy an amicable dissolution, which in turn promotes enhanced parenting skills for the participants and furthers the opportunity for parties to move on with their lives, while the children to continue to enjoy the love and affection of both parents, which is their God-given and legal right.
Last year in Nevada's Eighth Judicial District Family Court, 65 of 85 cases were settled by Settlement Judges, after litigation began and before trial. While this is an innovative step for Family Court, those same cases could have been mediated and settled prior to litigation. This would have saved thousands of dollars and countless hours of time for the participants and Family Court Judges, not to mention the strain put on the families,especially the children. Those who mediate prior to litigation are not even figured into the numbers. The American Arbitration Association reported 85% of mediations result in a settlement. These figures indicate that mediation is an effort that reaps great rewards for the majority of people that attempt it.
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